Marine-sourced plastics in B.C.

The problems associated with marine-sourced plastics are increasing. These include:

  • Abandoned fishing gear
  • Buoys
  • Polyfoam (StyrofoamTM) from docks
  • Plastic material that goes overboard.

These plastics can break down in the environment to create microplastics making them more difficult to remove.

How do we prevent marine-sourced plastics in the first place and how do we clean it up?

Prevention Ideas

  • Expand Extended Producer responsibility categories

Reduction Opportunities

  • Education campaigns

End of Life Concepts

  • Centralized plastics recycling facilities

We have been collecting success stories to highlight the improvements that are happening. We are looking for robust solutions to protect our marine waters.

Thank you for your contributions. The next step will be presenting Minister George Heyman with a recommendations report.