Abandoned Vessels in B.C.

Finding ways to reduce and respond to abandoned vessels is complex. How do we prevent derelict vessels in the first place, and how can we salvage existing ones before they sink?

The Province is examining the life cycle of boats to identify waste prevention, reduction and end-of-life opportunities.

Prevention Ideas

  • Recycled content standards for boats
  • Boat licensing program

Reduction Opportunities

  • Donated boat programs
    • SALTS
    • Disabled Sailing Association of BC
  • Repair incentives
  • Transfer of ownership documentation

End of Life Concepts

  • Cash for clunkers
  • Made in BC boat dismantling the infrastructure

We have been collecting success stories to highlight the improvements that are happening. We are looking for robust solutions to protect our marine waters.

Thank you for your contributions. The next step will be presenting Minister George Heyman with a recommendations report.