Understanding Environmental Compliance Inspection Reports

An inspection report is written following each inspection. In this report, the inspector details the requirement measured, findings and assessment of whether the facility was in or out of compliance with the requirement. An inspection report includes the following sections:

Opening Letter

A letter is included with every inspection report that summarizes the findings of the inspection, the legal requirements of the authorization holder and possible consequences for failing to correct a non-compliance.

Inspection Details

The inspection details outline the requirements under a specific section of the permit, regulation or code for which compliance was assessed.  It then details the findings of the inspector for each section which may be determined as:

  • In - in compliance
  • Out - out of compliance 
  • Not applicable - section was not relevant to inspection
  • Not determined - was unable to assess compliance

If a non-compliance is noted, an inspector will outline what actions need to be taken in order to correct the non-compliance. 


Attachments may include photos taken during the inspection, copies of monitoring data or the authorization, copies of the relevant legislation or any other document pertinent to the inspection.