Using the BC Data Catalogue

Learn more about how to use the BC Data Catalogue to search for and access data.

Searching for metadata and resources

Search the BC Data Catalogue using keywords or acronyms. Use filters to narrow down your search results by the following:

  • license type
  • data or resource type
  • group
  • organization

If you have questions about a dataset, contact the data expert listed on the dataset.

Accessing datasets

Many datasets are released under the Open Government Licence - British Columbia, which allows a wide range of uses, including commercial use and re-distribution. Some datasets are published with Access Only permissions and need a licence agreement or written permission to reproduce the data.

In addition to document/tabular and geographic data, the catalogue also has information on web applications and web services/APIs.

The BC Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) is a central government repository of spatial data. The catalogue allows you to download packaged content or configure the content you want to download from the BCGW, such as output projection and the file format.