What's New with the BC Data Catalogue

Check out the BC Data Catalogue detailed changelog for more information.

Coming October 27, 2021 (Version 2.0)

What's Changing

  • ​Major upgrade to the BC Data Catalogue
  • New and improved user interface to make finding and accessing meta data and resources easier. 
  • Focus on accessibility and modern web standards to ensure the catalogue is available to everyone. 
  • Backend architecture updates that will allow us to more easily maintain and release catalogue updates. 
  • Data schema changes at the dataset and resource level to better reflect how data is organized and consumed. 
  • Detailed changes can be found in the changelog.

API Updates

  • The data schema was adjusted which will impact some BC Data Catalogue API updates and responses.
  • A list of schema changes can be found here.
  • The object_name has moved to the resource level. The API query is slightly different as object_name is in the resource extras table now. See Common Queries in the changelog for examples. 
  • A full list of API and Catalogue changes are available here