BC Data Catalogue Technical Resources

Access technical resources to help you explore, access and use data in the BC Data Catalogue.

Using the BC Data Catalogue API

The BC Data Catalogue is built with open source data portal software called CKAN. Some users may prefer to use the API to manage their content in the BC Data Catalogue, while others may prefer to use the application itself. 

B.C. Geographic Warehouse

The B.C. Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) is a central government repository of spatial and non-spatial data that Government, industry and the public uses to make decisions.

The data includes base mapping information, such as

  • Heights of land
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Roads
  • Place name and administrative boundaries
  • Government program information, such as:
    • Forest cover
    • Ecosystems,
    • Economic and health indicators

Web Based Mapping Tools

Visualize and analyze the wealth of B.C. geographic information from the BC Data Catalogue using a variety of web-based map tools and map services.

Tips and Tricks