Publishing and Managing Data

Learn about how to publish and manage metadata and datasets in the BC Data Catalogue.

Become a data provider

Government ministries and some broader public sector agencies publish their data and resources in the BC Data Catalogue. This data is available for use to make informed decisions and create opportunities for the benefit of all British Columbians. Catalogued “data” is broad and includes raw data, applications and web services.

DataBC operates on a cost-recovery basis, so there may be a charge to your branch for making your data available through the DataBC program. 

Licencing options

There are three licencing options for data published data in the BC Data Catalogue:

  1. Access Only
  2. Open Government Licence - British Columbia
  3. Open Government - (Other)

Manage metadata records

Metadata is data or information which describes some aspect of data found within the BC Data Catalogue. Examples of metadata include the following:
  • the purpose of the data
  • database table descriptions
  • data relationship mapping
  • who created or updated data

The following resources are available to help you create and manage your metadata and resources in the catalogue.

Learn more about:

Manage metadata resources

The resources provide additional information about the data such as how to access, frequency of updates and technical information. Datasets can have many resources and can have data in the following types:

  • Geographic Data
  • Document/Tabular Data
  • Webservice/API
  • Application

Learn how to add and manage resources