About the BC Data Catalogue

The BC Data Catalogue is the place to find, access and explore a wide range of B.C. Government data, applications and web services.

All B.C Government ministries and some broader public sector agencies register data in the Catalogue. Government open data is beneficial to create innovative solutions for all British Columbians.

Many datasets are available in the catalogue free for anyone to use under the Open Government Licence - British Columbia, which permits a wide range of uses, including commercial use and re-distribution.

The B.C. Government has thousands of datasets that represent a wide range of information, such as:

  • Natural resources
  • Geographic
  • Economy
  • Justice
  • Education
  • Social programs
  • Health

The BC Data Catalogue is powered by CKAN open source software and is managed by DataBC. The catalogue is in active development and new datasets are being added and maintained regularly.

Government Data Custodians listed in the catalogue are responsible for providing the metadata and resources and can help answer questions about the data. Learn about publishing and managing data in the catalogue.