Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment is responsible for the effective protection, management and conservation of B.C.’s water, land, air and living resources. Read more... (PDF)

Featured Topics

  • Mount Polley Tailings Dam Breach
    This overview is not a situation report, but a summary about the incident location, scale, cause, response actions, and environmental impacts.
  • Climate Leadership Plan
    A website about public consultation for the development of a Climate Leadership Plan.
  • Climate Change and Climate Action
    Responding to climate change in a timely way is critical. There are various policies and programs that provide direction for taking action so that we can reduce future impacts.
  • Water Sustainability Act
    Learn more about updating our current water laws in B.C.
  • Park Boundary Proposals
    Information on policy, process and guidelines for amending BC Park boundaries.
  • Spill Response & Preparedness in B.C.
    Public consultation data on improvements to the rules for hazardous material spill preparedness and response in B.C.
  • Environmental Emergency Reporting
    Any spill that threatens the environmental quality of water, land or air must be reported.
  • Roundtable on the Environment & the Economy
    Learn more on the creation of this roundtable, and how it provides an opportunity for stakeholder groups to work with the B.C. government on environmental policy priorities.
  • Hullcar Aquifer Information
    The water quality within the Hullcar aquifer 103 is an emerging environmental issue that the Ministry of Environment is working collaboratively with the Interior Health Authority, Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resources.
  • Climate Action Legislation
    Legislation has been enacted to frame B.C.’s approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the emerging low-carbon economy.

Featured Services

  • BC Parks
    The provincial system of parks is dedicated to the protection of natural environments for the inspiration, use and enjoyment of the public.
  • Report All Polluters & Poachers
    File a report with the province to report a known or suspected violation.
  • Recycling Information
    Learn more about packaging and printed paper recycling for residents and businesses.
  • Environmental Assessment Office
    A neutral agency that manages the review of proposed major projects in British Columbia, as required by the Environmental Assessment Act.
  • Air Quality
    Information on air quality advisories, programs, and policy.


Deputy Minister

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