Agricultural Land Use Inventories

Agricultural Land Use Inventories (ALUIs) describe the use of B.C.’s agricultural land, including:

  • crop type
  • irrigation
  • livestock
  • non-farm uses in the Agricultural Land Reserve
This information can help with:
  • agricultural planning
  • promoting agricultural development
  • resolving issues to strengthen farming
  • tracking trends and measuring changes over time
  • measuring the amount of land used for farming and with potential for farming
  • strategic planning at the local, regional, and provincial level
  • informing emergency response
  • supporting research initiatives

How is an inventory made?

Step 1 Analyze Imagery Estimate land cover and use with imagery (aerial or satellite). Step 2 Confirm in Field. Windshield survey to confirm and add details, using field guide.

Step 3 Add derived Data. Add descriptive and categorical attributes, at parcel level. Step 4 Format and Publish. Develop Theme maps, tables, stats and charts to publish.

The ALUI does not include any personal information. Read more about privacy and the ALUI

Access ALUI data

ALUI data is available in graphs, interactive dashboards, PDF reports, and data to download and use in other apps, on the MapHub platform. 

Search and explore ALUI data

Different areas added or updated each year

Includes all parcels in ALR and parcels with farming outside ALR

Base spatial unit = legal land parcel

Funding for the ALUI is provided through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and previous federal-provincial-territorial partnerships. Many ALUIs are completed in partnership with local governments. Read more about ALUI partnerships and funding.


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