Animals & Crops

B.C. farmers grow a wide variety of crops and animals. Some growers and producers are also focusing on high-quality, value-added products, such as wine, baked goods, soups and sauces. Resources are available for growers, including financial programs, diagnostic services and information on production and pest management practices.

Animal Health

Monitoring animal health and diagnosing animal diseases are an important part of a strong agrifood industry in B.C.  The Animal Health Centre is a diagnostic veterinary laboratory supporting the healthy production of livestock and poultry in the province.

Animal Production

From the predominant dairy, poultry and beef industries to the less visible horse, sheep and goat sectors, managing livestock and fowl is an important part of agriculture in our province. Just as every animal is unique, each industry has its own business requirements, practices and standards.

Crop Production

B.C. farmers grow a wide variety of crops, which include fruits, vegetables, grains, ornamentals, and feed for livestock. Some growers and producers are also focusing on high-quality, value-added products, such as wine and botanical personal care products.

Plant Health

Plant pests, including insects, diseases and weeds, threaten agricultural crops and the environment. Read more about how to identify and manage insects, plant diseases and weeds in agricultural crops and home gardens:

Organic Food & Beverages

Organic production and processing uses a system of care, based on preventive management and development of sustainable management approaches. If you're an organic farmer, understanding this fast growing industry and its regulations is an important part of your business.

Trusts & Councils

Trusts provide the incentive and opportunity for industry sectors to lead, manage and finance their own development by providing partial funding for development activities.  Industry development councils work on promotion, market development and research that benefits their industry.

Agricultural Licences & Forms

Licences are required for some agriculture operations – dairy, fur farming, game farming, honeybees, livestock, poultry and veterinary drugs.

Food Safety

Salmonella Enteriditis

Local and national public health and agriculture partners are investigating an outbreak of Salmonella in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan, with cases of human illness related to contact with live baby poultry originating from a hatchery in Alberta.

Industry Contacts

View or add your organization to the list of provincial agricultural and producer associations.

Useful Contacts

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