Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Last Modified: 2016-05-20

The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation leads the BC Government in pursuing reconciliation with the First Nations and Aboriginal peoples of British Columbia. Read more... (PDF)

Featured Topics

  • Consulting First Nations
    Guidelines and procedure manuals designed to assist government officials and proponents with meeting consultation obligations with First Nations.
  • Aboriginal People
    Aboriginal people have distinct cultures, world views, languages and traditions that form a part of the richness of B.C.’s society today.
  • Reconciliation
    Reconciliation and agreements focus on closing socio-economic gaps that separate Aboriginal people from other British Columbians.
  • New Relationship
    Building relationships with Aboriginal people and communities.
  • First Nations Negotiations
    First Nations engagement, through negotiation, is pivotal to the well being of Aboriginal Interests, businesses and citizens.
  • Economic Development
    The Province supports Aboriginal entrepreneurs through programs, training and funding.
  • Supporting Communities
    The Province offers skills and expertise to build capacity and goodwill with First Nations.
  • Minister's Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women (MACAW)
    Providing advice to government and other groups on how to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal women across British Columbia.
  • Urban & Off-Reserve Aboriginal People
    Learn more about engagement with the urban Aboriginal population.
  • Culture & Language
    There are over 34 First Nation languages and 61 dialects in British Columbia.

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