GeoBC Services

GeoBC provides geographic information and services in two ways:

  1. Directly, by involving mapping, analysis and land research specialists
  2. Indirectly, through the open provision of the authoritative base information

Maps & Spatial Data

Base maps are the information or images that form the background of a geographic map. Base maps may include land features such as elevation, roads, bodies of water or administrative boundaries. A positioning system associates the base map with an actual physical location.

GeoBC provides base mapping data for government, industry, academia and the public.

Decision Support

GeoBC provides professional mapping, analysis, visualization and consultation services to agencies across the Provincial Government and natural resource sector.

With a diverse range of clients, GeoBC recommends and develops custom spatial solutions for unique business challenges. These solutions often contribute to the improvement of existing products.

Decision Support

Business Innovation & Emergency Response

GeoBC consistently generates value through:

  • Application of innovative technologies
  • Business improvement
  • Training coordination
  • Development of new business areas
  • Internal consultation

In addition to coordinating geospatial activities in support of emergency response, GeoBC provides leadership by exploiting evolving technologies and adapting processes to reflect changes in client business workflows.

Emergency Response Overview

Resource Registry & Research

GeoBC supports rights-granting agencies in making durable land-based decisions. They provide assistance on issues relating to the determination of land and resource ownership, or established rights and obligations.

Through GeoBC’ s tools, expertise and training, B.C. citizens and agencies are able to conduct land research in support of the responsible management of provincial natural resources.