How can I find out more about Parenting After Separation and register for the program?

A family justice counsellor can give you information about Parenting After Separation sessions.

You can view this list (PDF) of where Parenting After Separation sessions are offered, along with contact phone numbers to register.

The following publications have more information:

  • A general brochure (PDF) describes what the sessions are and what you will learn if you attend.
  • The Parenting After Separation handbook provides information for parents to help their children through the difficult process of separation. The handbook is available in the following languages:

Look at the online Parenting After Separation course.

Finances After Separation

The Justice Education Society offers a program called Finances After Separation. This free three-hour workshop assists separated parents to address the financial issues connected with separating and looks at how to develop business-like strategies for dealing with these issues for the long term.

The program handbook Separated with Children: Dealing with the Finances (PDF) is available online.

Legal Help & Advice

Other Legal Resources

Child Support Information

International Child Abduction

British Columbia has a central authority that assists left-behind parents whose children have been abducted across international borders.

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