Professional Regulation

There are 26 regulated health professions in British Columbia, of which 25 are self-regulating professions governed by 22 regulatory colleges under the Health Professions Act.

One profession (emergency medical assisting) is regulated by a government-appointed licensing board under a separate statute.

Many social workers also practice within the health system. Social workers are a self-regulating profession governed by a regulatory college under the Social Workers Act.


*New* Amendments to the Health Professions Designation Regulation

December 9, 2016

The province is proposing to establish a new college of diagnostic and therapeutic health professions to enhance patient safety and quality of care in British Columbia. The new college would initially oversee four types of health care professionals: respiratory therapists, radiation therapists, clinical perfusionists and medical laboratory technologists. Click here for the news release.

The Ministry has given notice on December 9, 2016 of a proposed amendment to the Health Professions Designation Regulation to designate these four occupations as professions under the Health Professions Act. Comments must be submitted to no later than March 9, 2017.

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