Records Contacts

Every ministry and Crown corporation has a dedicated records officer to provide expert advice on all aspects of records management. Records officers and their teams provide information management direction and support to a portfolio of client ministries and agencies.

Team services include:

  • Client advisory
  • Guidance in establishing and maintaining recordkeeping systems
  • Working with clients to identify records management requirements and establish priorities
  • Assisting with Operational Records Classification System (ORCS) implementation
  • Supporting TRIM implementation
  • Providing advice on more complex off-site storage transfers and approval of destruction applications
  • Linking clients with other specialized services provided by Government Records Service (GRS) as needed

Advisory services are also provided to designated broader public sector (BPS) agencies by the BPS client relations specialist.

Indented Organization Charts

It's important to accurately represent the ownership of ministry records at all stages of records management.

Indented organization charts communicate current ministry structure for record control purposes.

Records Schedules

Approved records schedules for Operational Records Classification Systems are published in ORCS e-Library.

Draft ORCS are available for:

Useful Contacts

Find contact information for records officers for:

For general inquiries, contact the Government Records Service at:

Telephone: 250 387-3387
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