Government of B.C.

Services & Policies for Government and Broader Public Sector

The Government of British Columbia, through various branches and service lines, provides key services to ministries and organizations, employees, and broader public sector (BPS) entities. Find and access the B.C. government services you need, including real estate, records management, procurement, supply, and information technology.

Buy Goods, Services and Construction

Welcome to BC Bid Resources, the provincial government corporate resource for purchasing goods, services and construction. This site is designed for public sector buyers and contains over 250 pages of detailed guidance on how to engage the marketplace and manage the contracting process.

Supply Solutions

Shared Services BC provides shared supply solutions to support ministries, Crown corporations, the broader public sector, and the citizens of BC. Best of all, this offered suite of necessary products and services can be customized to suit any organization's needs.

Real Estate & Space

We are a full-service real estate and property management service provider with a diverse portfolio of established services, documented processes and advanced technologies.

Information Management & Technology

Information management and information technology (IM/IT) play important, interconnected roles in government administration: they inform decision-making, policy development and service delivery.

BC Stats

BC Stats is the provincial government’s leader in statistical and economic research and analysis. Providing expert interpretation of data sources, BC Stats increases overall business intelligence across government and adds value to data and information by creating statistics essential for evidence-based decision making and policy development.

Public Sector Management

Public sector organizations are created to provide programs and services on behalf of the B.C. government.

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