Disability Assistance

Disability assistance can help you if you need financial or health support. You must be designated as a person with a disability to receive this type of assistance.

Learn about disability assistance monthly rates, supplements and job support while on disability assistance. 

To be eligible, you must:

  • Establish that you meet financial eligibility to receive assistance, or are likely to, within six months of the date the application is requested
  • Be 18 years old (you can start the application process when you are 17 ½)
  • Have a severe physical or mental impairment that is expected to continue for more than two years
  • Be significantly restricted in your ability to perform daily-living activities and require assistance with daily living activities from another person, an assistive device or assistance animal


You must meet certain income and asset criteria before you can receive disability assistance. Some assets are exempt.

For disability assistance clients, there is a general asset exemption for assets that are cash, personal property that can be turned into cash, or personal interest in a trust. The general asset exemption limits are as follows:

  • $100,000 for a single, couple, or family where one person has the Persons with Disabilities designation
  • $200,000 for a couple where both adults have the persons with disabilities designation

Some assets are allowed and do not count towards the general limit above, such as:

  • Your home
  • One motor vehicle
  • Clothing and necessary household equipment
  • A Registered Disability Saving Plan
  • Assets held in a qualifying trust


If you are a beneficiary of a trust, someone else legally owns money or other assets for your benefit. If you have a trust or are setting up a trust, the ministry must review and approve the trust before it qualifies for the trust asset exemption. 

Get legal advice if you want to create a trust or if you need more information specific to your situation.

Apply for Disability Assistance

Before you can apply for Persons with Disabilities designation, show that you meet financial eligibility to receive assistance

Persons with Disabilities Designation Application

Once you have shown that you are financial eligible for income assistance, speak with a worker and request a Persons with Disabilities Designation application.

If you are in the process of transferring assets into a trust or Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), read the policy.

The application has three sections:

  • You will fill out the applicant portion
  • Your doctor will fill out the physician report portion
  • A prescribed professional listed on the application, like a registered nurse or social worker, will fill out the assessor report portion

After you submit your application, we’ll review it to see if you meet the eligibility criteria for the Persons with Disabilities designation.

Applicants Under 18 Years of Age

Teens with severe and intellectual disabilities may be able to submit existing assessment and diagnostic documentation directly to the ministry, rather than completing a full Persons with Disability application and getting a new diagnosis.

The following teens and young adults are eligible for this simplified process:

  • Children who are part of the At Home program
  • Teens who are eligible for CLBC

Other applicants may begin to apply for the Persons with Disabilities designation six months before their 18th birthday.

Self Serve Assessment & Application

Use this tool to learn what’s available to you, assess your eligibility and apply for government assistance.

RDSP Guide

A Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a long-term savings plan for people with disabilities. 

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