The government of B.C. is committed to decreasing barriers and increasing accessibility for people with disabilities in B.C.  Accessibility 2024 lays the roadmap for making B.C. the most progressive province in Canada for people with disabilities by 2024.

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility is about providing people of all abilities with the opportunity to live full, inclusive lives.

Accessibility is about challenging our attitudes and beliefs about disabilities, and recognizing the value and contributions that people with disabilities can make to our workplaces, communities and economy.

By preventing and removing barriers that hinder the participation and inclusion of the approximately 15 per cent of British Columbians over the age of 15 that currently self-identify as having a disability, B.C. will be a better place to live, work and visit for everyone.

ASL video "What is Accessibility?"

Updates on Accessibility 2024 - click on each building block below:

Image listing the twelve building blocks that make up Accessibility 2024.

Recent News

November 5, 2015 - Removing financial barriers for persons with disabilities on assistance (Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation)

October 1, 2015 - A disability savings plan for the future (Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation)

September 1, 2015 - The business case for hiring people with disabilities (Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation)

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