Static Maps of B.C.

Static geographical maps may be used for navigation, administration or decorative purposes. High-resolution maps of British Columbia are available for digital download and print.

Land Cover Map

Land cover information is the result of vectorization of raster thematic data, originating from classified Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 ortho-images of Canada’s agricultural and forest areas.

The forest cover was produced by the Earth Observation for Sustainable Development project, an initiative of the Canadian Forest Service with the collaboration of the Canadian Space Agency, and in partnership with provincial and territorial governments. The agricultural coverage is produced by the National Land & Water Information Service of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.

LCC2000-V is distributed as 1:250,000 scale National Topographic System tiles.

Carbon Stores Map

TForest Resource Posterhe purpose of this map was to determine how much Crown forested land there was, how much of it was protected, and how much was pseudo-protected or had a management regime which limited timber harvesting or protected specific values or features. This large, wall-size map is excellent for viewing and printing.