Tax Credits

There are a number of tax credits a corporation may qualify for. Find credits that apply to your corporation and read about how and where you can file the tax credit.

Personal Income Tax Credits

See the personal income tax credit page if you’re an individual or an individual in business looking to claim a tax credit.

Report Tax Fraud & Crimes

You can anonymously report tax fraud and tax crimes if you know or suspect a person or business isn't complying with the tax laws.

Phone: 1-866-809-6841 (toll-free)
Internet: Report Online

Other Tax Credits & Exemptions

If you engage in mining or oil and natural gas activities in B.C., you may be eligible for other tax credits, exemptions or allowances.

You may also be eligible for exemptions from B.C. sales taxes or deductions and credits for the liquefied natural gas income tax.

Useful Contacts

Contact us with your general questions about program eligibility or registration:

Contact Canada Revenue Agency for questions about corporate income tax and tax credit claims:

  • 1-800-959-5525 (Toll free in Canada)
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