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Income Taxes

If you earned income in B.C. or operated a Corporation with a permanent establishment in B.C. last year you need to file an income tax return. Find out when you need to file your income tax return, and if any tax credits or rebates apply to you.

Personal Income Tax

If you were a B.C. resident on December 31 or earned income in B.C. you may need to file an income tax return for the tax year.

Corporate Income Tax

Corporations that maintain a permanent establishment in B.C. at any time during the tax year must file an income tax return.

Related Taxes & Programs

There are other taxes and programs that are related to your income, such as:

Report Tax Fraud & Crimes

You can anonymously report tax fraud and tax crimes if you know or suspect a person or business isn't complying with the tax laws.

Phone: 1-866-809-6841 (toll-free)
Internet: Report Online

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Contact Information

Contact Canada Revenue Agency with your questions about your tax credit claims and refunds.

For general questions about your eligibility for tax credits, contact us.

Telephone: 1 877 387-3332 (toll free within Canada)
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