Criminal Record Check

The Criminal Records Review Act ensures that people who work with or may potentially have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults undergo a criminal record check by the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP).

A person whose criminal record suggests they present a risk of physical or sexual abuse to children or a risk of physical, sexual or financial abuse to vulnerable adults will not have access to these groups.

To support British Columbia’s non-profit sector, volunteer organizations that are not covered by the act, but have volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults, can have criminal record checks done by the CRRP for free.

For-profit organizations not covered by the Criminal Records Review Act, who require criminal record checks for employees or volunteers, are encouraged to contact their local police.

To help police provide a common approach to record checks, the Ministry of Justice has developed model policy guidelines (PDF). The guidelines detail the type of information police should or should not release about the findings of a criminal record check. The BC Association of Chiefs of Police endorses the guidelines.

Latest Updates

The Criminal Records Review Program is processing a large number of applications, including mandatory 5 year rechecks. To assist with the processing of your application, please ensure it is complete before submitting it to us.

Current Processing Dates:

  • Employee Criminal Record Checks - Week of June 20th
  • Volunteer Criminal Record Checks - Week of June 20th
  • Sharing Requests - Week of June 15th

Online Service

Useful Contacts

Criminal Records Review Program staff are available Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Telephone: Toll free - 1 855 587-0185 (press option 2)
Fax: 250 356-1889
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