Justice Reform Initiatives - Family and Civil Justice

British Columbia is taking great strides in transforming its family and civil justice system.

The Ministry of Justice is working to move the family and civil justice system from costly and time-consuming trials to collaborative, out-of-court processes which can help to address issues and emotions that often drive legal conflict.

The Family Law Act supports ways for parents to resolve family matters outside of the courtroom, through agreements, mediation, parenting co-ordination and arbitration. It also encourages family dispute resolution and counselling to remedy conflicts between people over concerns such as parenting arrangements.

The Civil Resolution Tribunal will offer an end-to-end process including online information, collaborative resolution and adjudication providing enforceable resolutions to strata councils, owners, occupants and tenants that will allow British Columbians to solve common strata and small civil claims outside of the court. These tools will provide information that may prevent a dispute from growing. When necessary, disputes can be resolved by an independent tribunal hearing. Resolving a dispute through the tribunal is expected to take about 60 - 90 days, compared to 10 months for small claims court.

For examples of other ongoing family and civil justice transformation projects, see:

The Civil Resolution Tribunal

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