Rural Education

The following are education programs that support the traning needs of physicians in rural practice.

Northern Medical Program

B.C.'s Northern Medical Program is part of the provincial government's commitment to strengthen rural health services and patient care. This program helps to train, recruit and retain health professionals in northern and rural communities.

The Northern Medical Program helps increase the number of medical school graduates over five years through a collaborative training model and the expansion of the University of British Columbia's medical program.

This includes two new satellite medical programs:

  • Northern Medical program at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George; and
  • Island Medical Program at the University of Victoria.

Rural Education Action Plan

The Rural Education Action Plan supports and facilitates the training of physicians in rural practice, provides medical school students with experience in rural communities, and increases rural physicians' participation in the medical school selection process.

For an overview of initiatives and programs, see Appendix A: Overview of REAP and REAP Sponsored Programs (PDF, 75KB). There are several programs that are administered and delivered by the provincial government, Doctors of BC and the University of British Columbia. An application form is available here for the Rural Education Action Plan Advanced Skills and Training (PDF, 203KB).


Lisa Oliver
REAP Program Administrative Coordinator
Suite 300 - 5950 University Blvd
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3

Tel 604 827-4188
Fax 604 822-6950

Rural Continuing Medical Education

Rural Continuing Medical Education provides funding grants to B.C.'s rural physicians to continue their medical training. This helps physicians acquire and maintain the medical skills and expertise for effectively practicing in rural communities.

Under the Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement, this program offers eligible rural physicians with up to $5,200 per year for continuing medical education, depending on community isolation and duration of practice. This funding is available to physicians living and practicing in rural communities, in addition to the educational grants available to all B.C. physicians.

Please see the Rural Continuing Medical Education Policy (PDF, 206KB) for information on eligibility criteria, communities, funding and benefits, as well as the application process. A community eligibility list is also available at Rural Continuing Medical Education ABC Community List (PDF, 8KB).

Rural physicians should contact their regional health authority regarding eligibility and applying for funding.