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Agreements Between the Ministry of Health and BC Providers

Current Enrollment Documents

The Provider Regulation (“the Regulation”) under the Pharmaceutical Services Act (“the Act”) came into force on December 1, 2014. The Regulation sets out new enrollment criteria for pharmacies, facilities, and other places where drugs, devices, substances or related services are provided (“sites”). It also sets out the commercial terms for the Province of British Columbia’s relationship with enrolled providers.

Enrollment documents as of December 1, 2014:

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Historical Documents

BC Services Card

Benefit Information—Drugs

Prescription Drugs


Drug Shortage Information

Benefit Information—Non-Drug Products and Medical Supplies

Product Identification Numbers (PINs)

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Pharmacy Services Coverage

Clinical Services (Renewals and Adaptations)

  • PharmaCare coverage of Clinical Services—PharmaCare Policy Manual, Section 8.4 (PDF).

Medication Reviews

B.C. pharmacies can submit a claim to PharmaCare for medication review services they provide to eligible patients.

Pharmacist-Administered Public Vaccinations

Pharmacists who are authorized by the College of Pharmacists of BC to administer injections receive payment for each publicly funded vaccination they administer to an eligible B.C. resident. The vaccine cost is covered by the Province of B.C. through Immunize BC.

PharmaCare pays pharmacists a fee for administering publicly funded vaccine by injection.

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Medications

PharmaCare pays a Clinical Services fee to pharmacists for dispensing MAiD prescriptions. More information is available in PharmaCare Newsletter 16-005 and the list of PharmaCare-covered fees and products (with applicable PINs and DINs).

>> For more information, see the Ministry of Health's Medical Assistance in Dying—Information for Health Care Providers.

PharmaCare Policies and Procedures (including Manual, Guides & Forms)

General Policies

Specific Policies

B.C. Smoking Cessation Program

Frequency of Dispensing


Low Cost Alternative/Reference Drug Program

Reduced Mark-Up of High-Cost Drugs

Reimbursement of Non-Returnable High-Cost Injectable Drugs

Rural Incentive Program

Provider Payment Schedule

Drug Reviews & Results

PharmaNet Access


  • PharmaCare publications provides links to publications such as PharmaCare Newsletter, the annual PharmaCare Trends Report, PharmaNet data files, patient information sheets and various studies and reviews.

     Pharmacy Resources

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