Low Cost Alternative (LCA) and Reference Drug Program (RDP) Data Files

Please Note: On December 1, 2016, the Reference Drug Program is being modernized.

Until December 1, 2016, both existing and modernized RDP benefits will be covered. The updated RDP Master Spreadsheet below provides details of coverage under both the current and Modernized RDP.

Please see the updated LCA/RDP Data Dictionary for details on the new RDP data file.

For complete information on the Low Cost Alternative (LCA) Program and the Reference Drug Program (RDP), refer to the following sections of the PharmaCare Policy Manual:


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Current LCA/RDP Data Files—Effective October 6, 2016

Regularly updated information

PharmaCare provides regularly updated LCA/RDP information in the three data files below.

For descriptions of the fields in these spreadsheets, refer to the LCA and RDP Data Dictionary (PDF).

The files below are typically updated on the first Thursday of each month.



LCA Master Spreadsheet (XLS)

Last updated on October 6, 2016

Includes all new and existing generic drugs within the LCA Program with their current reimbursement limits.

RDP Master Spreadsheet  (XLS)

Last updated on October 6, 2016

Includes all original and modernized-RDP drugs with their current reimbursement limits.

LCA/RDP Updates Workbook  (XLS)

Last updated on October 6, 2016

Includes the following four spreadsheets that provide cumulative information on all new generic drug listings, all new LCA categories, all changes and effective dates for new LCA or RDP reimbursement limits, and any drug de-listings:

  1. Summary Spreadsheet—summarizes the most recent changes to the LCA/RDP.

  2. LCA Updates Spreadsheet—records all updates made to the master LCA spreadsheet since April 7, 2016.

  3. RDP Updates Spreadsheet—records all updates made to the master RDP spreadsheet since April 7, 2016.

  4. Non-benefit Spreadsheet—records all non-benefit generic drug listing decisions made since April 7, 2016.

Mid-cycle updates

Occasionally, PharmaCare makes changes to the LCA/RDP between regular monthly updates. These as-needed changes might include generic drug pricing adjustments or expedited coverage for significant first-entry generics. When this happens, PharmaCare posts updated versions of the above files on the effective date of the change in PharmaCare coverage.

Tip: Make sure you always have the most recent information! Check this site on the first Thursday of the month and then again mid-month.

Additional information

On occasion, PharmaCare posts additional information on regular or as-needed LCA/RDP changes. Any such information is listed below.

Item Description/Link

Date Posted

- No additional files at this time -


For historical pricing information on LCA and RDP, send an email to PharmaCare.

Interpreting the Data Files

If you have questions about the data files, please send a detailed email to PharmaCare.


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