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B.C. residents are eligible for coverage under the following PharmaCare plans:

Fair PharmaCare Plan

BC's Fair PharmaCare plan provides B.C. families with coverage for eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies, based on their net income. Fair PharmaCare also ensures that B.C. residents, regardless of income, are protected from catastrophic drug costs.

All eligible British Columbians are encouraged to register for the plan. Haven't registered yet? Coverage begins immediately if you register online or by phone. There is no charge to register and there are no premiums to pay.

Permanent Residents of Licensed Residential Care Facilities (Plan B)

PharmaCare covers the full cost of eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies for permanent residents of licensed residential care facilities as long as the facility has asked PharmaCare to add it to the list of Plan B facilities.

If it has been added as a Plan B facility, individuals who become permanent residents of the facility will be automatically covered under PharmaCare Plan B.

PharmaCare encourages individuals moving to licensed residential care facilities to confirm, in advance, that the facility is able to offer PharmaCare Plan B coverage.

Each residential facility is served by a contracted pharmacy. Every month, PharmaCare pays the contracted pharmacy:

  • a fixed fee for providing services to each occupied bed in the facility
  • the full cost of eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies

Note: Plan B does not apply to people who:

  • are staying in extended-care, acute-care, multi-level and assisted-living facilities
  • are short-term patients in a licensed residential care facility (e.g., patients who are in the facility on a respite-care basis to give their caregivers a break)

Short-term residents receive coverage under Fair PharmaCare or Plan C (Recipients of B.C. Income Assistance) depending on the individual’s PharmaCare plan eligibility.

Recipients of B.C. Income Assistance (Plan C)

This plan provides 100% coverage of eligible prescription costs for B.C. residents receiving medical benefits and income assistance through the Ministry of Social Development. The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation sends eligibility information to PharmaCare on their clients’ behalf - you do not need to apply separately to PharmaCare.

Cystic Fibrosis (Plan D)

Individuals with cystic fibrosis who are registered with a provincial cystic fibrosis clinic receive coverage of digestive enzymes and other products listed in the Cystic Fibrosis Formulary. The Cystic Fibrosis Clinic arranges this coverage for their patients. Patients do not need to apply separately to PharmaCare.

Important: The products listed in the Cystic Fibrosis Formulary are eligible for coverage under Plan D and other Plans only if they are purchased at a pharmacy in the same manner as prescription drugs. This is important because the pharmacy must submit a claim to PharmaCare at the time of purchase.

Plan D patients purchasing digestive enzymes included in the Cystic Fibrosis Formulary receive 100% coverage of the eligible cost. 

Coverage for other products in the formulary is subject to the rules of a patient’s primary plan:  Plan C (Income Assistance)Plan F (At-Home Program) or Fair PharmaCare

Your cystic fibrosis clinic submits your information to PharmaCare so, for more information on eligibility for Plan D, contact your nearest cystic fibrosis clinic.

Note: This plan covers only cystic fibrosis supplies. For other prescription and medical supply costs, you will also need coverage under Plan C or Fair PharmaCare.

Children in the At Home Program (Plan F)

The At Home program of the Ministry of Children and Family Development provides community-based, family-style care for severely handicapped children who would otherwise become reliant on institutional care.

Children receiving full benefits or medical benefits through the program qualify for 100% coverage of eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development submits your information to PharmaCare.

Note: This plan covers medication only for the child in the At Home Program. Other family members will need coverage under Plan C or Fair PharmaCare for their prescription and medical supply costs.

Psychiatric Medications Plan (Plan G)

The Psychiatric Medications Plan (Plan G) is available to B.C. residents of any age who demonstrate clinical and financial need. The plan provides coverage of certain psychiatric medications.

Your eligibility is confirmed by your physician or nurse practitioner (the prescriber), and the local Mental Health and Substance Use Centre (MHSUC), or the local Child and Youth Mental Health services centre (CYMH). If you are eligible, your physician will submit an application form (PDF) on your behalf. Coverage is provided for up to one year. If you require further coverage, your physician can submit a new application for you.

The drugs eligible for coverage under the Psychiatric Medications Plan are listed in the Plan G Formulary by both brand and generic name. Drugs in the formulary identified as "Limited Coverage" require prior Special Authority approval from PharmaCare. For these medications, your prescriber must submit a Special Authority Request to PharmaCare.

This plan covers only those medications listed in the Plan G formulary. For help with other prescription and medical supply costs, so you will also need coverage under Plan C or Fair PharmaCare.

BC Palliative Care Drug Plan (Plan P)

BC Palliative Care Benefits support BC residents of any age who have reached the end stage of a life-threatening disease or illness and who wish to receive palliative care at home. "Home" is defined as wherever the person is living, whether in their own home, with family or friends, in a supportive/assisted living residence, or in a hospice unit at a residential care facility (e.g. a community hospice bed that is not covered under PharmaCare Plan B).

Eligible patients receive:

  • 100% coverage of eligible costs for medications used in palliative care through the PharmaCare BC Palliative Care Drug Plan (Plan P), and
  • medical supplies and equipment through the local health authority.

Physicians or nurse practitioners submit a registration form to PharmaCare for their patients. The single registration form is used to notify both PharmaCare and the health authority of the patient's eligibility for the benefits.

The Palliative Care Drug Plan (Plan P) Formulary (PDF) lists the drugs that PharmaCare covers under the drug plan portion.

Our BC Palliative Care Benefits patient information sheet (PDF) provides further details.

Note: This plan covers only items related to palliative care. For help with other prescription and medical supply costs, you will also need coverage under Plan C or Fair PharmaCare.

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