Child & Teen Mental Health

Use the map to find mental health services and intake clinics for children and teens – click on a location to see contact information and a description of services offered.

Suicide Prevention

Talk to someone right away if you’re concerned about the thoughts, feelings or behaviours that you, or someone close to you is having.

Find information and practical tools for parents, caregivers or professionals.

Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services

Sometimes youth with a mental illness can find themselves in the B.C. youth justice system.  When this happens medical, psychiatric or psychological expertise is available and sometimes ordered by the court to help with sentencing (called “forensic assessments”). There are also specialized treatment services offered on an outpatient basis.

Find More Services

Here are some other suggestions for finding mental health services for your child or teen.

Doctor's office: Talk to your family doctor if you’re concerned about your child's mental health – they may refer you for assessment and/or treatment.

Mental health office/resource centre: Locations that specialize in mental health support for children and teens offer services that include assessment, planning, treatment, consultation and education.

School: Some school districts provide support services and programs to help prevent mental health problems from being a barrier to learning.

Hospital: Provides temporary support and short-term stays when children or teens are having difficulty managing at home during an acute psychiatric episode.

In Crisis?

Trauma-Informed Practice Guide

Healing Families, Helping Systems is a trauma-informed practice guide for community and health care professionals who work with children, youth and families.

The information in the guide will help you to identify trauma-informed approaches and the practical strategies to put them in place.

Aging Out of Foster Care in BC?

Preparing to leave foster care can be really exciting and difficult at the same time.

Moving out on your own and becoming an adult also means you will have to begin making more of your own decisions.  Learn more about the services and programs there to help empower you during this transition.

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