Monthly Rates (Premiums)

In B.C., residents pay monthly MSP rates (premiums), which help meet a portion of the costs of B.C.’s health-care system. Learn about payment options and if you qualify for reduced premiums.

Each month, you will be sent an invoice for the premiums you owe for the next month.

Pay Your Premiums

You can pay your MSP premiums by pre-authorized debit, through your financial institution, online using your credit card, at a government office or by mail.

Reduced Premiums

MSP offers rates that are affordable for most B.C. residents. Assistance is available for those who have financial need and cannot afford to pay their premiums.

Regular Premium Assistance is financial help for low-income families who have filed their taxes and earned less than $42,000 after allowable deductions.

Temporary Premium Assistance helps pay your monthly premium if you’ve recently had an unexpected change to your financial situation (e.g., illness, disability, loss of job).

Persons who have or may be eligible for MSP benefits through the First Nations Health Authority or the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation should contact those agencies.

MSP News

Cancellation of MSP Benefits

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