Medical Services Plan of B.C.

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) insures medically-required services provided by physicians and supplementary health care practitioners, and diagnostic procedures.

For information on MSP services for B.C. residents, group plan administrators, and medical and health care practitioners, please see the following sections.

MSP Premium Changes

In January 2017, MSP premium rates and the Regular Premium Assistance program are changing. As a result, more British Columbians will be eligible for assistance with their MSP premiums.

Important Update:

On Sept. 15, 2016, the government of British Columbia announced updates to the previously published 2017 MSP premium and Regular Premium Assistance rates. The planned 4% increase has been cancelled. As a result, the full premium rate for one adult will not increase and will remain at the 2016 rate of $75.

In addition, rates for those receiving Regular Premium Assistance will be reduced by about 4% beyond what was announced with Budget 2016.

As of Jan. 1, 2017:

  • There will be no premiums for children under 19 years of age.
  • MSP premium rates will be determined by the number of adults on an MSP account (the MSP account holder and, if applicable, a spouse).
  • The MSP premium rate for two adults will be twice the amount of the single adult rate.
  • Full Regular Premium Assistance will be available to those whose adjusted net income is $24,000 or less (an increase from the current $22,000).
  • Premium Assistance will be available to those whose adjusted net income is up to $42,000 (an increase from the current $30,000).
  • You can view the 2016 premium rates and 2017 premium rates on the MSP Premiums page.

If you have already completed an application and are currently receiving Regular Premium Assistance, you do not need to apply again for January 2017. Applications for Regular Premium Assistance include a declaration of consent for Health Insurance BC to verify annual income with the Canada Revenue Agency. If you submitted a signed and completed application form and are currently receiving Regular Premium Assistance, you do not need to re-apply. We will assess your eligibility and adjust your premium rate accordingly as of
Jan. 1, 2017.

If you have not yet applied for Regular Premium Assistance, use the premium assistance eligibility calculator to determine whether you might be eligible. The online eligibility calculator allows you to assess your eligibility for Regular Premium Assistance based on your net income and allowable deductions. Complete the online form and follow the instructions based on your calculated income.

If you believe you are eligible for assistance for 2016 based on the eligibility calculator, complete, sign and submit an Application for Regular Premium Assistance. You can apply for assistance using the Application for Regular Premium Assistance (HLTH 119). Make sure your application is complete and signed before submitting it to Health Insurance BC. Submitting an incomplete or unsigned form will delay the processing of your application.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, contact Health Insurance BC.

Contact Information

Health Insurance BC administers MSP on behalf of the Ministry of Health and can answer your questions about medical coverage. For contact information, visit the resident, administrator or practitioner section links above.


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