Government Communications

A career as a communications professional with the B.C. government can be both exciting and rewarding.

The Government of British Columbia’s external communications role is to inform the public about government’s programs and services. The ministry-based communications teams focus on leadership through proactive strategic planning and by delivering value-added services.

Government Communications and Public Engagement is staffed by professionals with experience and education in government and/or corporate communications. Communications employees provide a variety of communications services and expertise, and work closely with other provincial, federal and municipal government representatives, media, industries, associations, interest groups, and the general public.

Specifically, government communications professionals provide services and expertise in:
•      Strategic communications planning and advice
•      Issues management
•      Media relations
•      Media monitoring
•      Writing and editorial services
•      Communications research
•      Coordinating cross-government projects
•      Event planning
•      Advertising and marketing
•      Graphic design
•      Online communications, including social media

Communications professionals in Government Communications and Public Engagement generally have a solid background in journalistic writing - from entry level through to senior management, they understand what an "issue" is, they have an appreciation for media relations, and they know how to create effective communication products.

If you’re interested in a career as a communications professional with the B.C. Government, apply here.

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