About the B.C. Government

Regulatory Reform

The Regulatory Reform Initiative promotes clear, simple regulations and policy to make it easier for you to deal with government.


The government of B.C. is committed to decreasing barriers and increasing accessibility for people with disabilities in B.C.  Accessibility 2024 lays the roadmap for making B.C. the most progressive province in Canada for people with disabilities by 2024.

B.C. on the Move

B.C. on the Move is the Government of B.C.’s new 10-year plan for the improvement of the province’s transportation network.

Francophone Affairs Program

The Government of B.C. established the Francophone Affairs Program in 2001. Working with the francophone community in B.C. and the federal government, the Government of B.C. continues to increase its capacity as a province to help the community grow.

Strategies and Service Plans