Initiatives, Plans & Strategies

B.C. Budget

British Columbia’s fifth-consecutive balanced budget delivers the dividends of a strong and diversified economy and prudent fiscal management by cutting costs for middle-class B.C. families, investing in priority programs and services, and promoting a competitive, job-creating economy.

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Regulatory and Service Improvement

The Regulatory Reform Initiative promotes clear, simple regulations and policy to make it easier for you to deal with government.

Accessibility 2024

Accessibility 2024 is a 10-year action plan to make B.C. more accessible for people with disabilities. More than half a million British Columbians self-identify as having a disability, or 15 percent of the population. 

Strategic Partnerships

The Strategic Partnerships Office delivers leadership in managing the Province’s multi-billion dollar portfolio of strategic vendor contracts. By helping align and optimize the outcomes delivered by these contracts, this office helps B.C.'s public sector meet citizens’ service delivery expectations.

Open Government

The B.C. Government is changing how it interacts with B.C. citizens. We are committed to publishing government data and information and we are working hard to improve your online interactions with government.

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Expanding Communications Technology

Exchanging information at a distance is a big part of life in our modern world. We're used to sending or receiving information using a telephone, television, satellite or the Internet. Broadband and cellular connectivity has become an essential service and is considered a utility.

Technology & Innovation

The government of B.C. is committed to supporting B.C.’s technology industry with the tools, funding and resources needed to stimulate economic growth and create jobs.