Developing Emission Offset Projects

Reviewing regulations and investment considerations

Proponents can start planning their offset projects by reviewing offset regulatory requirements while considering final investment decisions.

Regulated projects in B.C. must meet criteria established in the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act, the Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Regulation and relevant B.C. director’s protocols. See the guidance documents and templates for more information.

Approved Protocols

A director’s protocol is a set of instructions on how to carry out an offset project and quantify reductions. Only protocols that have been established by the director can be used to develop project plans. As protocols are developed or updated, they will be posted for public consultation.

Creating a Project Plan

The project plan sets out the purpose, project boundary, baseline scenario, and selected emission sources, sinks and reservoirs for the project in accordance with the regulation and protocol. The plan also identifies the length of time the project will be eligible to create offsets. This time or crediting period may be up to 25 years for sequestration projects and up to 10 years for other project types.

  • Project plan template – coming soon

Project proponents must have the completed plan validated by an accredited validation body.

Validating the Plan

Validation bodies review the project following criteria established in the act, regulation, and protocol. Successful validation provides assurance from an accredited third party that the project plan is fair and reasonable. Before performing a validation, validators must demonstrate they are not in a conflict of interest (see section 16 of the GHG Emission Control Regulation).

Submitting the Plan for Acceptance

Validators submit a validated project plan, validation statement and conflict of interest report through the BC Carbon Registry to the director for review.

Projects may be declined for any of the following reasons (as outlined in section 17(2) of the GHG Emission Control Regulation):

  • The validation statement was signed more than 45 days before the statement was submitted to the director
  • The proponent’s BC Carbon Registry account has been suspended or cancelled
  • The validation body is under investigation
  • The project plan is inconsistent with the protocol, act or regulation

If accepted, the validated project plan and related validation documents are published on the BC Carbon Registry.