Climate Change

Years of pollution produced by humans is causing unprecedented changes to the environment including global warming. This has caused the whole world’s climate to change which leads to things like melting glaciers and stronger storms.

Reports & Data

Greenhouse gas emissions warm the global atmosphere and cause our climate to change. B.C. has committed itself to reduce GHG emissions by 80% by 2050. Our Climate Action reporting programs help us keep track of progress and find areas for improvement. Learn more about our programs and policies.

Stakeholder Support

The Climate Action Secretariat values strong relationships with partners and stakeholders. In this area you will find links to sections of particular interest to your organization. Pages provide resources and support to help meet legislative or voluntary programming and/or reporting requirements.

Policy, Legislation & Programs

Responding to climate change in a timely way is critical. There are various policies and programs that provide direction for taking action so that we can reduce future impacts.

2015 Update - Climate Leadership Plan

Climate Action

2008 Climate Action Plan

Carbon Neutral BC Annual Reports