Hiring Documentation

Effective June 1, 2017, in response to client feedback, hiring managers are no longer required to submit competition documentation to the BC Public Service Agency to confirm a hire.

Eliminating the requirement to submit competition documentation to complete a hire does not remove the requirement for hiring managers to retain competition documentation. Hiring managers are still responsible for documenting and retaining all competition files, as they currently do, for a minimum of two years.

You will continue to receive support from the Agency for merit processes. Competition documentation will be collected electronically by the Agency when

  • An employee requests a deputy minister inquiry into a staffing action
  • A competition is selected for audit by the Office of the Merit Commissioner

Instructions on how to submit your competition documentation electronically will be provided when this occurs.    

Hiring and Deployment (Human Resources Policy 01) and government records management procedures require that you document the entire hiring process and retain a complete original file for each staffing action for a minimum of two years.

Original documentation may be filed and retained in a digital format, provided that the document is an effective record and entirely readable for audit and review purposes. However, you must ensure that you have permission to file electronically.

Contact your designated ministry records officer for further information regarding the permission process and related quality control requirements.

Hiring documentation is important for several reasons. Effective documentation enables you to

  • Detail and record your steps, decisions and results of your staffing action
  • Provide evidence that your staffing action was based on the principle of merit and that the steps taken were consistent, reasonable and justifiable
  • Provide the necessary information to respond to inquiries from unsuccessful applicants during feedback, for an internal inquiry or staffing review
  • Review what worked and identify areas for improvement for future actions
  • Document the entire process in one secure place and ensure utmost confidentiality of all aspects of the staffing action

Record of Decision to Hire

As with any decision for which public service employees are accountable, an appropriate record of the basis of the decision must be maintained.

This includes all the information required to tell the story of the appointment including what was posted, who applied, who was screened in or out and on what basis, what assessment approach was used, ratings for the candidates and the basis for the decision, and the record of offer, acceptance, notice and confirmation.

Competition Documentation

As a hiring manager, you are required to retain the following documentation as part of the competition file. The Competition Document Checklist (PDF, 312KB) can assist you with organizing your file.


  • Job profile and description*
  • Job posting*
  • Resumes and applications*


  • Summary of applicants*
  • Questionnaire report*
  • Final applicant screening summary

Assessment (online & written tests, interviews)

  • Tests administered
  • Questions and scoring guides
  • Applicant responses
  • Answer keys
  • Interpretive guides (if used)
  • Panel notes  

Competition results

  • Final rating guide (competition results storyline)
  • Past work performance results
  • Regret notifications (including eligibility list)*
  • Offer letter(s)*
  • Confirmation letter(s)*
  • Competition document checklist

Supporting documentation

If you received full assistance with your hiring process through the BC Public Service Agency, files marked with an asterisk (*) are stored within the recruitment management system.