Work Environment Survey

The Work Environment Survey (WES) is a valuable tool used in the BC Public Service to measure employee engagement. It also provides you with an opportunity to contribute confidential feedback about your work environment.

WES provides us information on what it's like to work in the BC Public Service—what your work challenges are in your workplace, where we have improved and areas in which we can continue to focus on improvement.

The survey has been implemented annually since 2006 through 2011, and biennially since 2011. 

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a measure of how satisfied you are with your organization, your job and your commitment to the BC Public Service. Highly engaged employees are more involved in and committed to their work, creating a higher-performing organization and an all-around better workplace.

WES results provide critical input to Where Ideas Work (PDF, 2.6MB) our corporate HR plan, and ministry or work unit plans that are focused on making specific improvements for employees.

How the Survey Works

BC Stats reviews the questionnaire each cycle to ensure questions are valid and reliable, and balances making improvements with maintaining year over year comparability. The questionnaire normally has about 75 questions.

WES questions range from issues about day-to-day work, the physical environment and resources, development and performance, your co-workers, your organization and your commitment level.

BC Stats also provides an opportunity to submit written comments at the end of the survey. This allows you to provide context to your responses. BC Stats aggregates all collected information and removes potentially identifying information from any comments provided. For more information, please see the BC Stats Work Environment Survey FAQ or contact BC Stats.

Priorities from WES 2015 will be announced in the 2016 edition of Being the Best.