Corporate Social Responsibility

As a top employer consistently since 2010, the BC Public Service finds ways to meet the expectations of a rapidly changing workforce.

Corporate social responsibility means taking steps to enable employees to find innovative ways to deliver programs and services, while empowering them to build strong ties with local communities. The BC Public Service supports employees through experiential learning opportunities, such as volunteer roles outside of their formal job descriptions, in order to better assist them in their growth and development as public servants. Many programs allow employees to directly contribute to workplace engagement and their local communities. Employees are empowered to use Lean and improve how services are provided to customers, and are encouraged to build strong ties with local communities. These are but a few examples of how the BC Public Service demonstrates its commitment to employee development and community engagement in ways that go beyond traditional approaches

Since its inception in 1965, the employee-created BC Public Service corporate giving campaign, Provincial Employees Community Services Fund (PECSF), has raised over $45 million for charity. For over 50 years, employees have used volunteer opportunities like PECSF to inspire their colleagues and to support charitable organizations so integral to the strength and resilience of our communities across the province. 

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In addition to championing PECSF, other ways the BC Public Service supports corporate social responsibility are through its purchasing power to make a positive impact: