Amend or Update an Application

If related disputes come up between the parties while waiting for a hearing, or the amount of a monetary claim has changed, the applicant may be able to amend their application by adding or removing claims from it.

An application can be amended as long as all the respondents and the Residential Tenancy Branch receive copies of a Request to Amend an Application for Dispute Resolution and all supporting evidence not less than 14 days before the dispute resolution hearing.


An applicant needs to:


A request to Amend an Application for Dispute Resolution is not required in circumstances that can reasonably be anticipated, such as when the amount of rent owing has increased. In these cases, the application may be amended at the hearing.

On March 25, 2021 legislation was changed so landlords no longer have to file for a separate hearing to be granted a monetary order to recover unpaid rent if a tenant was not successful in disputing a 10-day notice.

When calculating the due date, do not count:

  • The day a person, business or the Residential Tenancy Branch receives the documents
  • The day of the hearing

If the last possible day for the Request to Amend an Application for Dispute Resolution to be received falls on a day that a business is not open, the last possible day becomes the next day that the business is open.


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