What's New with iMapBC

What's New

Version 8.22  (August 2018)

New functionality includes:

  • Save Project added to the Public version;
  • Geomark tools for creating and loading;
  • Route Planner tool;
  • Add External Layers for ArcGIS Server endpoints; and,
  • Print in Albers projection.

Version 8.13  (April 2017)

New functionality includes:

  • better query functionality;
  • better tools for resymbolizing the data;
  • the ability to order data for download (training video); and,
  • the ability to save your project (secure version, coming soon to the public version)

Note:  iMapBC is plugin-free, runs on mobile devices and user desktops.  iMapBC (Silverlight) is only usable on select browsers due to the Silverlight Plugin requirement.  Please use iMapBC if you cannot run plugins or are looking for the latest tools and features.