All-Seasons Resorts

The British Columbia provincial government works with many partners to provide timely decisions for new mountain resort proposals, major resort expansions and other existing projects, such as large marinas.

Services for all resorts on Crown land are available, including:

  • Answering public requests for information
  • Consulting with local and provincial governments
  • Explaining policies and procedures
  • Promoting tourism and sustainable resort development in the B.C. 
  • Ensuring the All-Seasons Resort Policy and Guidelines (Chapter I and Chapter II) are updated in response to changing industry and government initiatives.


To develop British Columbia as a world-class, all-season resort destination.

- B.C. Resort Strategy


Controlled Recreation Areas of British Columbia


Contact Information

Kamloops Office:
510-175 2nd Avenue
Kamloops BC  V2C 5W1
Telephone: 250-371-3952
Fax: 250-371-3942

Victoria Office:
PO BOX 9852 Stn Prov Govt,
Victoria BC  V8W 9T5
Fax: 250-356-2842

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