Crown Sales Notices

Notices for the British Columbia Crown Sale of Petroleum and Natural Gas rights.

Notices by Year


Archived Notices

To acquire older notices from the last 10 years, please contact the Province through email and request the months and/or years that you are interested in. The notices can be provided in PDF format.

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Deferred Parcels

Deferred Parcel Data Current to June 8, 2017

Deferred Parcel Shapefile (BC Albers NAD83) (ZIP)

Deferred Parcel Shapefile (GCS NAD83) (ZIP)

Deferred Parcel North Map (PDF, 9.6MB)

Deferred Parcel South Map (PDF, 8.7MB)

Contact Information

Manager, Crown Sales and GIS Services

Telephone: 250 952-0333
6th Floor, 1810 Blanshard
PO Box 9326, STN Prov Govt, Victoria, BC, V8W 9N3
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