Traceability is the ability to track a crop / animal / food commodity through stages of its supply chain. Funding support is available to increase B.C. agrifood and seafood sector traceability knowledge and to implement facility based traceability systems.

Producer and Processor Responsibility

Producers and processors are responsible for complying with all relevant federal, provincial and municipal legislation and bylaws that deal with the production of food. Reference to this webpage is not a substitute for reference to the legislation itself.

Traceability Cost-Share Funding Programs

For 2016-2018, traceability cost share funding will be available through the following programs:

Livestock Tag Reader Rebate

This rebate program provides partial funding to eligible applicants, for the cost of new hand-held or panel readers, reader installation, related software, and related equipment training.

Traceability Speaker Program

The Traceability Speaker Program, funded under Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative, is available to agriculture and seafood organizations to educate their membership about traceability systems, practices, infrastructure and technologies through events such as workshops, seminars, presentations or demonstrations.

Trace Canada Videos

To learn more about livestock traceability in Canada, please watch the following videos: 

Colleen Acres


Dr. Patrick Burrage


Brad Zantingh



Pascal Lamire

Livestock Identification

Traceability Resources

Age Verification of Cattle

Canadian cattle producers have a world class industry-led system to identify individual animals by recording the animal's actual birth date or calving date. Producers are also using this system to verify cattle ages to meet market requirements.

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