Appointments in the Public Sector

In British Columbia, people are appointed to serve on administrative tribunals, regulatory or Crown agency boards. Boards and tribunals in the public sector are established to deliver programs and services, to resolve disputes, or to exercise regulatory authority over specific areas of activity.

There are over 300 public sector organizations to which the provincial government makes appointments. The definition of a public sector employer or organization also includes any of the bodies established by the government through legislation (such as the Public Sector Employers Act), on an interim basis to perform arbitration, regulation or similar functions.

The Board Resourcing and Development Office is responsible for:

  • establishing guidelines for all provincial appointments to agencies
  • ensuring that all provincial appointments are made on the basis of merit following an open, transparent and consistent appointment process
  • ensuring that appointees receive appropriate orientation and ongoing professional development with respect to agency governance issues

Public sector boards are responsible for hiring and negotiating compensation for the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Government provides a framework within which boards must determine compensation plans that will support service delivery balanced with the need to allocate resources in the most efficient and effective way.

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Appropriate remuneration for work performed by appointees is part of good governance practices. Remuneration underscores the importance of the work and the professionalism required by qualified appointees.

Treasury Board Directives set the classification structures and maximum remuneration ranges based on the complexity of the board or tribunal. They also address other matters such as expense reimbursement and public disclosure of paid remuneration and expenses.

These directives set transparent and comprehensive remuneration guidelines for appointees to ministry and Crown agency boards, administrative tribunals and regulatory boards:

The Appointee Remuneration Committee oversees the remuneration provided to all public sector appointees.