Economy Sector IM / IT Standards

Here you can find the IM/IT standards for the Economy Sector. More detail can be found for each standard in the detail column.

1. Custom Application Planning

# Standard Description Applies to Detail
1.1 Overview of ISB Responsibilities for QA This document describes the quality assurance roles in the Information Systems Branch and their related responsibilities Testing and quality assurance phases of a project


1.2 Application and Database Migration Windows Strategies This document describes the Software Configuration Management (SCM) strategy being developed by the Information Systems Branch and its interaction with the deployment of applications and databases Migration processes


1.3 Quality Assurance Plan Template This template aids in the development of a quality assurance plan. The Quality Assurance (QA) Plan describes quality assurance activities appropriate for the project in question and  includes components such as QA tasks, responsibilities, required documentation, and standards applied. Quality assurance planning doc

Application Support Template

This template provides guidance for the development of an application support document. The support document is specific to an application and provides information such as key support roles and contacts, application environment (architecture, servers), and troubleshooting techniques. The document is targeted at technical staff who maintain and enhance custom applications.

Application support doc
1.5 Change Control Form

This form is used to document change control activities required for the implementation of an application change.

Change control xls
1.6 Implementation Planning Checklist Template

This template aids in the development of a planning checklist for an application's production implementation. The checklist provides cues to elements such as infrastructure, databases, communications, and includes post-implementation considerations.

Implementation planning xls


2. Application Development

# Standard Description Applies to Detail

Application Development Environment Standards

This document describes the acceptable tools, environments, and methodologies for use by internal and external developers. Application development and enhancement



2.2 Standardized Coding Practices This document outlines the standards and guidelines around  coding practices. This includes standards around variable naming, commenting, and modularization, for example, and applies to all developers and development languages. Application development and enhancement pdf
2.3 Overview of Quality Assurance Analyst Responsibilities for APP Dev QA This document describes the responsiblities of Quality Assurance (QA) analysts who review and audit software products and activities for the supported ministries. This  includes checks for product completeness, compliance, consistency, and traceability. Quality assurance auditing


2.4 System Design Template This template aids in the documentation of system design specifications for a system. An application's system design document describes how the application will be constructed, by specifying the components to be used, how they will be organized in relation to each other, and the general principles of the application's internal construction. System design doc
2.5 Technical Architecture and Procedures Template This document provides a common understanding of the technical architecture to be used during development and implementation by describing the target platforms and the software architecture System planning early in the development lifecycle and operations during maintenance doc

3. Oracle Designer, Data Modeling, Database and SCM Standards

# Standard Description Applies to Detail

Oracle Designer 10g Standards & Guidelines

This document describes the guidelines and standards to be followed when designing and developing Oracle Designer applications. Oracle database design and development


3.2 Oracle Designer Software Configuration Management (SCM) Guide This document details the methods of using the Oracle Designer 10g repository for version control of software and metadata. Oracle database development, delivery, and deployment


3.3 Data Conversion Specification Template

Use this template to document a project's data conversion requirements, including the process and verification of successful data conversion.

ETL (extract, transform, and load)


4. Harvest SCM Standards

# Standard Description Applies to Detail
4.1 Systems Configuration Management (SCM) Standards This guide describes the SCM methodology and the related processes which support the System Configuration Management Process Diagram. The guide is an interactive PDF with links to descriptions of the methodology's roles, processes and deliverables. It also includes instructions on the use of AllFusion Harvest Change Manager software supporting the methodology activities. Development and implementation of software tools


4.2 Harvest Development Procedures and Standards This document outlines the policies and procedures to be followed by developers who are using the ministry’s Harvest Software Configuration Management (SCM) repository to manage project source materials. Developers using Harvest  pdf
4.3 Harvest HelpGuide This help guide provides step-by-step explanations of how to execute the most commonly used Harvest processes. Each process description includes which role(s) can perform that process in which Harvest state. Developers using Harvest  pdf