Security Day - November 8, 2017

Demystifying  Defensible Security

Defensible Security

The Province organizes and hosts two “Security Day” events each year (Spring and Fall), free of charge, primarily for government employees. Speakers from government programs, law enforcement and security organizations give presentations on the day's theme. Mark your calendar for our next Security Day event on November 8th, 2017.

Each Security Day has sponsors from the cyber security private sector that give presentations and provide hospitality. Security Days have become highly regarded in the security community and by B.C. Government employees across every region of the Province. Government offices are encouraged to book a boardroom, pop some corn, and Make it a Security Day Event! (PDF)

Everyone interested in information security can participate in Security Day and benefit from the presentations by watching the free webcast from any location. All webcast presentations are made available on this page after the event. During the webcast, participants can ask questions of the presenters in real time. 

Government employees working in the lower mainland are encouraged to register for an in-person gathering (PDF) where webcasting and refreshments will be provided. Registration for Victoria in-person attendance is available but is limited. Government employees that register for the webcast or Victoria in-person attendance via the Learning SystemIDIR only will receive credit - to do so, search "Security Day".

Check out the the agenda, videos and presentations from the previous Security Day here.