Disability Assistance Rate Table

Effective: April 1, 2017

The asterisk indicates the most recent rate table changes
Support Rate Shelter
1 *$606.42 N/A N/A N/A $375.00
2 *$775.56 *$1,099.06 *$747.08 *$1,024.06 $570.00
3 *$869.56 *$1,193.06  *$747.08 *$1,118.06 $660.00
4 *$869.56 *$1,193.06  *$747.08 *$1,118.06 $700.00
5 *$869.56 *$1,193.06   *$747.08 *$1,118.06 $750.00
6 *$869.56 *$1,193.06  *$747.08 *$1,118.06 $785.00
7 *$869.56 *$1,193.06  *$747.08 *$1,118.06 $820.00
Transportation Support Allowance  
A B C D  
All $52 $104 $52 $52  


  • All rates are monthly.
  • The Transportation Support Allowance can be provided as $52 in cash or as an in-kind bus pass.
  • In addition to the support allowance, families receive a monthly payment for each child under 19 years of age. Families receive one or both of:
    • a federally administered child benefits cheque; 
    • a top-up amount from the ministry if their Family Bonus component of the child benefits cheque is less than the Family Bonus top-up supplement rates in the General Supplements rate table or the child is ineligible for the federal payment.
  • Families of two or more that include someone on Old Age Security (OAS) are entitled to a maximum shelter rate for the family size.
  • Shelter increments continue to increase by an additional $35 for each additional dependant after unit size 7.
  • Disability assistance is paid in the month following designation. In cases where designation occurs prior to the individual's 18th birthday, payments begin in the month of the 18th birthday.
Key Effective April 1, 2017, rates for:
A Singles, couples, and two-parent families where one family member is a person with disabilities (PWD), and the other is not a PWD and is under 65.
B Couples and two-parent families where both adults are PWDs.
C One-parent families where the parent is a PWD.
D Couples and two-parent families where one adult is aged 65 years or older but is not a PWD and where one adult is a PWD.



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