Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat

As part of the Office of the Premier, the Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat (IGRS) works to ensure B.C. is successful in achieving its priorities that require intergovernmental engagement and cooperation. B.C.'s priorities are advanced through leadership in intergovernmental forums and through bilateral and multilateral partnerships with the federal government, other provinces and territories, and international jurisdictions.

IGRS has three divisions:

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Recent Meetings

Find out about recent noteworthy intergovernmental meetings that B.C. has been involved in.

Intergovernmental Policy

IGRS works with partners to advance B.C.'s interests and positively influence other governments within:

Contact Information

Telephone: 250 387-0752
PO Box 9433 Stn Prov Govt Victoria BC V8W 9V3
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