Waste Discharge Authorizations

Last Modified: 2016-09-12

Find out how to apply for or manage a waste discharge authorization.

Effective September 2014, the Ministry of Environment implemented the Structured Application Approach (SAP).  Under SAP, waste discharge authorization applications are generally processed according to the “First-in, First-out” principle (meaning they are processed in the order they are received) in order to provide a fair, equitable and predictable process for applicants. Once complete applications are received, they are entered into our application queue. Clients who have applied for an authorization will be contacted by a Ministry of Environment staff person once their file has been assigned. Application queues are updated monthly and publicly posted, and clients who have submitted complete applications can view their position in the queue below.

The Ministry of Environment has re-aligned resources to address the application volume and we have also identified opportunities to improve our process with an aim to reduce wait times. We expect application queues will be shorter once we implement the process changes, but in the meantime we appreciate our clients’ patience. Our current time frame for processing new and signification amendment applications is averaging between 12 to 18 months upon receipt. As process improvements are realized, the average processing time is targeted for 6 to 9 months with simple applications processed much quicker.

Legislation and Regulation

Useful Contacts

Review the Contact Information for Waste Discharge Authorizations with inquiries related to permits, or for more information.
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