Local governments are responsible for preventing and disposing of solid waste for homes and businesses in their area. Managing municipal solid waste minimizes environmental impacts and supports sustainable environmental management, greenhouse gas reduction and air and water quality.

Read more about Municipal Waste Management Plans.

Under the Environmental Management Act municipal solid waste is defined as:

  • Refuse that originates from residential, commercial, institutional, demolition, land clearing or construction sources, or
  • Refuse specified by a director to be included in a waste management plan.

Residuals left after recycling need to be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. Read more about garbage disposal methods:

Waste Disposal Index

Check regional district's disposal rate

How much we throw in the trash has a direct impact on our environment. As landfills and treatment sites continue to bulge, it’s essential that we all consider how much garbage we contribute to the cycle of waste disposal.

Where to Recycle?

Zero Waste

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